Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Gift Ideas for New Mums


Just over a week ago one of my friends gave birth to beautiful baby girl (who is also my Goddaughter), so I thought it would be nice to get her a little something for herself, as I know she already has lots of lovely baby things. So I started thinking about gift ideas for new mums, and came up with this!

I had been looking for a beauty related gift for a while, but all I could find were expensive bath sets such as this, which in my opinion are just everyday bath products with fancy labels. But then when I had just about given up hope on a beauty/new mum gift, I was browsing the OPI website (as you do), when I came across a lovely baby pink nail polish called It’s A Girl!

So I headed over to Amazon (as I’m not sure if you can order from the OPI website here in the UK), and ordered one from there!

But although I decided on this gift, I did have some other ideas that would also be suitable for new mums with baby boys, as unfortunately OPI do not make a nail polish called It’s A Boy (a bit sexist I know). So here they are!

Choconchoc It's A Girl, It's A Boy
Yankee Candles Baby Powder, Soft Blanket

Each of these gifts costs under £10. The Choconchoc gifts are available from some Hallmark stores, and also from the Choconchoc website. The Yankee Candles are a lot easier to get hold of though, as they are sold in most of the larger gift shops, such as Clintons and Peter Jones, and online at Amazon.

Grace xXx

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